One of a kind engrave-tattooed, porcelain doll. A limited edition, an exceptionally intricate, sterling silver lace crown with real, acrylic-coated roses attached to it. Her extra long wig is magnetic and removable.

                                                  1.?To combine into a unified or integrated whole; unite. See Synonyms at?HYPERLINK “mix”mix.
                                                  2.?To mix or alloy (a metal) with mercury.
                                                  1.?To become combined; unite.
                                                  2.?To unite or blend with another metal.

                                                  This doll was inspired by a Jack London’s story which I had read as a child and which title I can no longer recall because of the translation form Russian to English.

                                                  The short story is about a very intelligent man of Chinese descent who had overcome great adversity in the colonial, imperialist and racially discriminatory Western society, to become a very wealthy and respected individual. He had married a Western woman of mixed heritage, and they had many daughters, all of whom exhibited a very strange, unconventional but very delicate and compelling beauty of several mixed ethnicities.

                                                  Amalgamation, or Ama for short, is one of his daughters.

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